#YYC Spotlight: Evolve Retreat Co.

Welcome to the first ever post in the #YYC Spotlight series! I’m super excited for all of you to learn about Evolve Retreat Co.

A wellness retreat company here in Calgary, the two leading ladies running the show started this new journey at the beginning of 2017. After two successful retreats at Azuridge Estate Hotel in May, Evolve Retreat Co. is planning their next event for this fall at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge.

Without further ado, here’s a snippet of what this local #yyc business is all about.


yyc spotlight evolve retreat co

1. Tell me a little about yourself and your business. Where are you from? What do you do?

We are two female entrepreneurs who have a passion to help others take their health into their own hands and make better lifestyle choices. Our business is based on science and evidence based therapies.

We create the space for people to recognize their own abilities and goals. It is also a place where they can challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone in a gentle manner.

I am a family physician in Calgary and focus on a preventative approach to medicine. Tina is also a health care professional with a biochemical background. We are both moms and each have three kiddos.

2. How did your business get started?

I have been dreaming of this for several years. I have a high school friend that does something similar in Europe and followed them for for years before taking the first steps.

Between a full time physician job and three kids, there wasn’t much of a chance to get this off the ground. That is, until I met Tina and saw how she can get people together and organize an event seamlessly.

So one day, I asked her, and she agreed. Now we are business partners and have never looked back.


yyc spotlight evolve retreat co


3. What inspires you to do what you do?

I have seen what a healthy lifestyle can do for people. I want to live like this. I want to be active with my kids now and then with grandkids one day.

I have also seen the other side, where people either did not care to make better choices or never had the information needed to make better choices.

4. What dreams or goals are you working towards with your business?

We want to be a household name for wellness in the Canadian Rockies. We want people to talk about the experiences they had with us and we want them to come back and bring their friends.

If we can make a positive change in someone’s life, we are doing what we set out to do.

5. If you could give one piece of advice for a budding entrepreneur or business owner in your field, what would it be?

Keep your dreams and goals close to your heart.

Starting a business is not smooth sailing and if you forget why you are in the business, you might give up before you even started.


yyc spotlight evolve retreat co


6. Tell me three fun facts about yourself or your business.

  • Everyone joins in with the workouts–Tina and I do every single workout and activity that we can.
  • Our chef is a cheeky Aussie–his food is amazing and healthy at the same time.
  • Both Tina and I love camping with our families.

7. Anything else going on with your business that you’d like Calgarians to know about?

We are offering workplace wellness. It would be corporate wellness retreats, with no corporate meetings.

We can also accommodate any size company and work around their schedule and specific needs.


8. Where can people find you online? 

 Are you a small biz owner or creative entrepreneur in #YYC? Want to get featured?

Let’s chat!


yyc spotlight evolve retreat co


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